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How to adjust brightness issue for laptops and also for PC why not

Laptop brightness issue

Notebook, netbook, ultrabook, laptop brightness problems ? First thing to do before anything, you must have latest video graphics driver installed from here and then if the issue with brightness is not fixed, follow our tutorial from bellow.

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We know 2 ways to adjust brightness ! First is from windows and second is from VGA driver.

How to ajust brightness from Windows 10 64 bits


Right Click on Windows icon from bottom left corner and select Control Panel for laptop

Then adjust slider to right for more brightness and to the left to decrease brightness

laptop notebook brightness

Note ! If for some reasons windows brightness is not working, you can try driver method !

Adjust brightness - Video Driver Method

For AMD Video cards:

Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks etc : Right click on desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings

Then select Display and then check Color Temperature and move the slider to ajust colors to increase brightness or to lower the brightness and colors and may can help you.

laptop brightness

For Nvidia GeForce with Intel HD Graphics video cards:

laptop -> Right click on desktop and select Graphics Properties

Then select Advanced Mode

Then Display -> Color Enhancement

laptop: Now adjust Brightness and then Apply for your laptop

notebook brightness

That`s it.

Laptops brightness issue - How to fix and adjust brightness more white or more contrast to improve the colors and to keep your eyes safe

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