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ASUS E410MA performance graphics driver boost for Video games and FullHD or 4k videos on youtube speed up and fix lag or freezes - Dedicated graphics driver

ASUS E410MA performance graphics driver

ASUS E410MA have dedicated video card ? Then you should put that power in use if is available.

So, first you need to download dedicated video card driver from here (be sure that you choose dedicated graphics driver instead of built in. Also the built-in driver is needed if you don`t have it) before starting.

Important! If you want to know exactly what is the name of your all components of your laptop, you can use a free device detection application.

Device Detector

Now, you need to choose the type of your video card

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Set up - Speed Up for AMD Graphics video cards for ASUS E410MA

1. Right click on desktop and then select Configure Switchable Graphics

2. Add Application then Select added game to High Performance and Apply

See our example image for ASUS E410MA


Speed up Nvidia GeForce dedicated video cards for ASUS E410MA

Again, right click on desktop and select: Nvidia Control Panel

Now Mange 3D Settings, Add desired game and then Select:

High performance NVIDIA processor

Apply and play the game boosted.



Speed up Intel HD Graphics for ASUS E410MA

Right click on desktop and select Graphics Properties

Now you have to select Advanced Mode

Windows 11 full support / ready

Then select 3D and now move the slider to Performance and Apply


Select Power and then Maximum Performance and again Apply.



That`s it now you know how to boost maximum peformance for all 3 video cards manufacturers in a single article for free.

ASUS E410MA What you can do if you do this ?

Increase frame rate in video games, boost fps for games, get rid of game lag, 4k videos fix, avoid game or video freezing, fix crash to desktop, fix has stopped working errors, fix video game is not responding and much more

ASUS E410MA performance graphics driver boost for Video games and FullHD or 4k videos on youtube speed up and fix lag or freezes - Dedicated graphics driver

ASUS E410MA is a good laptop to play games like: Friday the 13th, Dusk, Quake Champions, Absolver, Star Citizen: Squadron 42, The Surge, Vampyr, Ruiner, Resident Evil 7, Sea of Thieves, Dreadnought, Pyre, Halo Wars 2, Night in the Woods, The Evil Within 2 boost, ELEX, Call of Duty: WWII, SpellForce 3, Assassin's Creed Origins, For Honor, Crackdown 3, Outlast 2, Battletech, Prey 2017, Strafe, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, Black Desert Online, World Of Warcraft, Revelation Online, ASUS E410MA-ek018ts MU Legend, Divinity Original Sin 2, Blade And Soul, Archeage, Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn, TERA, ASUS E410MA-ek018ts The Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar, ASUS E410MA-ek018ts Guild Wars 2, Old School Runescape

ASUS E410MA also this guide can improve speed of programs like: Autodesk Autocad, 3DS Max, Microsoft Word, Office, Power Point, Excel, ASUS E410MA-ek018ts Adobe Photoshop CC, ASUS E410MA-ek018ts Adove Premiere, Adobe after effects, ASUS E410MA-ek018ts Adobe video editing software, Sony Vegas pro, Virtual DJ

ASUS E410MA Article created and published by Leo Mihali have windows 11 drivers.


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