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DELL Gaming G5 5500 not starting anymore - blank screen and no led blink - not turning on - cannot start laptop and have black screen issue - black screen freeze - won`t start - wont turn on

DELL Gaming G5 5500 not starting anymore

DELL Gaming G5 5500 have problems with black screen of dead? DELL Gaming G5 5500 won`t start? DELL Gaming G5 5500 wont turn on? I mean in first look is broken? Do not panic and do that i will tell you.

1. First remove the DELL Gaming G5 5500 laptop cord from socket and from laptop then leave it that way for 5 minutes.

Now is working? Very good, and if not working follow our guide next.

2. Now, remove DELL Gaming G5 5500 laptop battery and leave it without battery for 10 minutes, then but the battery and try again.

Still not working ?

If you hear fans working, then next step is to connect laptop to your TV or Monitor (vga or hdmi cable)

If is working with external screen, then your screen is dead and needs to be replaced.

Screen Not working ?

Now you need a screwdriver! Remove the screws that you can from the back of DELL Gaming G5 5500 and pull out the cover then:

1. Remove RAM modules and try to start DELL Gaming G5 5500 laptop without DDR Ram modules

Not hearing beeps and is dead?

2. Remove hard disk HDD and try to start DELL Gaming G5 5500


3. Try to start it without battery, only with socket cable.

Not working?

Then, something is bad and you can`t fix it. Take it to an service. (sorry)

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Here is my laptop and we show you some important parts

DELL Gaming G5 5500

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