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HP Victus 15 FB Repairs - How to fix your laptop mechanical and with software applications issues - fix errors for windows HP Victus 15 fb00

HP Victus 15 FB Repairs

HP Victus 15 FB have problems and you need help ? Then you are in the right place for that because we can help you for free. Just follow our guides and fix your problems. HP Victus 15 fb00

HP Victus 15 FB Solutions

Download drivers for HP Victus 15 FB

Issue 0. Broken Hinge !!

Learn how to fix broken hinge from this video : HP Victus 15 fb00

Issue 1. Wireless

Wireless is not working anymore ?

HP Victus 15 fb00

Windows 11 full support

HP Victus 15-fb0010nq First, look at your keyboard for Wireless icon (usualy is above)

Now look for Fn button and keep it pressed and then press wireless key one time.

HP Victus 15 fb00

If the wireless led is ON, press again to turn it off and press again to turn it on again.

HP Victus 15-fb0010nq Still not working ? Download wireless driver from here

Issue 2. HP Victus 15 FB Black screen problem

If your screen is black and nothing happen, what to do if the screen is black ? blank screen issue, first thing to do is to remove the battery for 3 minutes.

After 3 min, put the laptop battery back and your problem is fixed.

Not realy ? Try to start up your HP Victus 15 FB without battery, only with power cord.

HP Victus 15-fb0010nq Nothing ? Well now you should remove RAM (ddr)

HP Victus 15 fb00

Get a screwdriver and remove RAM modules for 3 min and try again.

HP Victus 15-fb0010nq

Not fixed ? Listen the fan working ? If is working, get an HDMI cable and test it by connection the HDMI to your TV or PC Monitor and if is working then your display is bad.

If is not working, then is possible to have your laptop motherboard fail and you need to send it to an service.

Issue 3. Windows is loading forever

To fix windows problem you have 2 solutions.

But for both solutions you will need to have a usb stick with windows 10 bootable on it or a windows 10 dvd.

1. Keep power button pressed until your HP Victus 15 FB laptop will shut down instantly.

HP Victus 15 fb00

Now wait 3 seconds and pres power button one time and select Repair from list with your usb or dvd with windows 10.

Now attempt to repair it and if is not working, you need to re-install windows and that is the second solution.

Issue 4. Windows is not starting up anymore and how NOT to loose your files.

You have an windows issue and you need to recover or you need a solution to save your files before installing new windows ?

Well you can do that. How ? you need to have an usb stick or microsd card and another laptop or PC with internet connection

1. Insert your usb memory or microsd

2. Download this software and select Arch Linux from distribution and press ok.

Wait to download and install the operating system to usb device

HP Victus 15-fb0010nq

3. When the operation is finished, insert the usb device in HP Victus 15 FB, start it and fast press F12 several times until a screen with the name of your usb device will apper !

Note ! If the F12 key does nothing, try F8 or ESC and select boot, then choose your usb device. HP Victus 15 fb00

Now select the usb device and follow the screen instructions !! HP Victus 15-fb0010nq

What will be happen next ? You will have a live linux operating system and you can use File Manager to save your desired files !!

Here is a screenshot

HP Victus 15 FB

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